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A hunting will go      
All american promenade   vid req video
Armstrong's waltz   vid req  
Aw shucks   vid req  
Balance the lines      
Balance the star      
Barn dance   vid req  
Black Hills   vid req video
Carabbian mixer      
Chaos mixer      
Cotton eyed Joe notes  
Cross over the bridge      
Dancing in the street     video
Delicious Dinner Duo      
Dip and dive      
Don't think twice      
Draper's maggot      
Duckthru and swing   vid req  
Dusty bob-Mouse in the cupboard      
El Paso City   vid req  
Everywhere mixer      
Fairfield fancy     video
Fourty years of fun      
Fox mixer      
Gonnie game      
Good old says      
Good time   vid req  
Grand Square   vid req video
Growling old man & the grumbling old woman      
Halway mixer      
Happy circle   vid req  
Heartaches by the Number      
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