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Rufty tufty      
Salute to Larry Jennings   vid req  
Sapphire sea      
Scatter Promenade     video
Scots cap     video       
Sellenger's round notes             video
Sibyl's roundabout   vid req      
Slaunch to donega   vid req  
Soldier's joy      
Spanish waltz notes  
Square tango      
Tango waltz      
The alderman's hat      
The butterfly      
The comical fellow   vid req  
The dressed ship notes  
The Duke of Kent's Waltz notes video
The fandango     video
The gleeful threesome   vid req  
The haymakers      
The indian princess   vid req  
The long eight      
The merry merry milkmaids      
The oystershuckers jig      
The spitfire      
The topaz      
The wind that shakes the barley      
The willow tree notes vid req video
Thrice triple   vid req  
The yorkshire sqare eight      
Throw a fiver   vid req  
Timber salvage reel      
Trip to Lambertville   vid req  
Upon a summer's day      


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