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Four hand reel      
Friday night special   vid req  
Galopede notes  
Gathering peascods notes  
Geudman of balangigh notes  
Godesses     video
Greensleeves and Yellow Lace      
Heads or tails   vid req  
Helston Furry Dance      
Hemel Hampstead Roundabout      
Holborn march   vid req  
Huntsman chorus      
Indian princess notes video
Johnny fetch your wife back      
Joy   vid req  
Juice of barley   vid req  
Knole Park      
Lilli burlero   vid req  
Lovely Nancy      
Margaret's waltz   vid req  
Mona's delight      
Morpeth rant
New bo-peep of pickadella      
Nobody's jig      
Nottingham swing notes video
Oliver's Maggot      
Picking up sticks   vid req  
Portland fancy      
Postpole   vid req  
Prime minister breakdown      
Reel for five      
Reel of Ballymore      
Royal empress tango      


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