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A Trip to Paris      
Arnolds Circle notes video
Bath Carnival      
Bells of the balls      
Black jack      
Black nag notes vid req  
Blaydon races mixer    
Bonapartr crossing the rine      
Bonny breast knot      
Brighton camp      
Broken sixpence   vid req  
Bucksaw reel      
Christchurch bell      
Circassiam circle notes video
College hornpipe      
Crossing the ferry-Elegant esther      
Dargason notes  
Del Take the Wars      
Devil's dream notes vid req  
Dorset Four Hand Reel   vid req video
Dorset ring dance      
Double lead trough      
Dover pier      
Duck for Oisters      
Epping Forest      
Evan's delight      
Evan's jig      
Every man's change      
Faithless Nancy dawson      
Far away   vid req  


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